Series EDIC-mini Tiny 16

Tiny16 series is very popular among audio recording professionals because of its high technical characteristics: 16 bit audio codec, which provides high quality recording, build-in AGC system with the oportunity to adjust the record mode to the environmental conditions and highly sensitive microphone (10-12 m).
Tiny 16 recorders have a built-in clock, a calendar, password access protection, Voice Activation System (VAS), a timer to turn start recording at an assigned time, digital watermark, extremely low power consumption and wide frequency band 100-10,000 Hz.


•    Dimensions: from 32x 12 mm, weight from 10g
•    Recording time: up to 2400 hours.
•    Built-in microphone sensitivity: 10-12 meters.
•    Signal/noise ratio: - 80 dB.
•    Frequency band: 100-10000 Hz.
•    Sampling rate: from 5 to 20 KHz.
•    3 compressing modes: A-law (64 K bit/sec),
•    ADPCM4, ADPCM2 (16 K bit/sec).
•    Current consumption:
- In recording mode at 3 V voltage: 2 mA,
- In VAS mode: 200 microA,
- In stand-by mode: 50 microA.
•    Supply voltage: 1-1.5 V or 2.7-3.3 V.

  More Characteristics:

•   Built-in AGC System
•    Built-in USB interface with high exchange speed (up to 5.5 MB)
•   High quality recording due to the 16 bit audio codec
•   Simplified functionality (recording only, there is not possibility to listen to recordings using headphones; playing back is possible after the recordings have been uploaded onto a computer) and a one button control
•    Extremely low power consumption
•    Built-in clock
•    Calendar
•    Parole access protection
•    Voice Activation System (VAS)
•    Timer to start recording at an assigned time
•    Digital watermark