BIRUCH Explosive Detector


Height 350 mm
Width 103 mm
Thickness 94 mm
Weight up to 1,7 kg
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BIRUCH (C04), using innovation methods, successfully detects explosives in gas phase and particles form with extremely high sensitivity, not reachable by other explosive detectors. It was confirmed during inspection of personal belongings, baggage, mail, parcels, packages, vehicles, buildings, etc even in smoky and dusty environment, without extra tools, without the risk to fail due to excessive explosive concentration and without long term cleaning and service procedures. List of detected explosives can be expanded even in field conditions.

Device operation is based on the principle of nonlinear dependence of ion mobility on the electric field.

Explosives Detector BIRUCH exceeds characteristics of the best mass-produced analogue devices because of the most optimal construction, which combines high sensitivity, compact size of basic elements, and low power consumption - See Comparative Table with analogues


  •  Direct non-contact detection of TNT vapor and less volatile explosives, including RDX and HMX, as well as Nitroglycerin, Ethylene glycol dinitrate (EGDN), Pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PENT) and its compounds, Semtex, Cyclotriacetone tripperoxide, Ammonium nitrate, Dynamite;
  •  Direct operation in smoky and dusty areas, without usage of extra tools and without the risk to fail due to excessive concentration of explosive vapors;
  •   Detection of traces of low-volatile explosives on the surface using a piezo desorber;
  •   Explosives detection by using defining points, allows confident detection in wide range of temperatures and humidity;
  •   Self-cleaning and automatic protection against concentration overload – detector stays in operable mode without long cleaning procedures;
  •  Expandable list of detected explosives via USB or Bluetooth connection, or directly via detector interface. Entering new explosives can be done even by operator in field conditions without a computer;
  •   Small size and weight, long-term usage under the operational situation.

Explosives detector BIRUCH, despite the application of radio-emitting source, is absolutely safe for the operator.
The certificate confirms its safety.

Please get acquainted with a number of considerable advantages of C04 Biruch over other explosives detectors:


1.      Biruch has sensitivity at least 10 times better than other detectors

(Tests show that Biruch has sensitivity even better than MO-2M. Biruch is the first explosives detector, which was officially certified at the stated sensitivity (10-14). The certification organization made special research on how to make sensitivity measurements for such minor concentrations)

2.       Biruch’s warm up time is the fastest

(It is 6 sec versus 10 and more seconds of other explosives detectors)

3.       Biruch uses beta radioactive source which is safe already in 2 cm by open air or via a slice of foil

(Biruch has just 5th Hazard Class. For comparison, Mo-2M with radioactive source has 7th Hazard Class)

4.       Biruch’s dimensions are smaller  and weight is lower than of most other detectors

(Its dimensions 350х103х94 mm and weight 1.7 kg)

5.       Biruch can be directly used in dusty and smoky environment while other models require usage of gauze sampler pump and then analyze the probes outside of dusty and smoky territory.

(Sample collection using the pump exceeds 20 seconds. Plus it is required time for delivering the samples to the device and analyzing time by the detector)

6.       Automatic self-cleaning and protection against concentration overload

(Most of other detectors perform self-cleaning only from not very high concentrations (otherwise can be damaged) and have no function of protection against concentration overload)

7.       Fast and easy cleaning procedure from strong pollutions

(Requires just replacement of filter-screen using a supplied filter replacement tool, with later cleaning of the filter-screen by alcohol napkins)

8.       Explosives identification using the built-in benchmark in real time mode. Specialist is able to add new signs of explosives himself in field conditions. Biruch’s method of explosive identification allows successful identifying of explosives at wide range of temperatures and humidity, even and at variable conditions.

(Most of other detectors provide explosives identification using the data, saved in the detector memory by manufacturer. Adding new explosives will require contacting manufacturer and computer connection for data base update.This method of explosives identification is good for stable weather conditions only. In case of significant changes of temperature and humidity the device may not detect explosives at all)


Achievements and confirmation:

  • Explosives Detector C04 is certified in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Research Institute of Civil Aviation" for compliance with the special technical means to ensure aviation ecurity. 
  • The detector has been tested in FSB RF to meet the requirements of the means of transport security.

  • The stated sensitivity is confirmed by test protocol of FSUE "VNIIM named after D. Mendeleev“.

  • Having successfully passes the tests in real conditions during the postal items control and ransport inspection.





 Sensitivity to TNT vapors,  at least



 Analysis time, up to



 Target detectable substances



 Signal indication of a target  substance detection


sound, light

 Start time from stand-by mode



 Distance of vortex sampling, at least



 Range of operating temperatures


5 .. 50

 Battery life for mixed operation mode



 Battery life in vapor mode (min)



 Dimensions, LxWxH,up to



 Weight, up to




The rechargeable battery of original design is used for detector’s power supply.

Rechargeable battery consists of 6 Li-ion NCR18650B batteries. Total battery capacity 6800 MAh. The nominal battery voltage is 12.6 V.

Height 350 mm
Width 103 mm
Thickness 94 mm
Weight up to 1,7 kg
Current consumption 1,5 A
Battery life min 4h (trace mode)/ 5h (vapor mode)

Delivery set:

Explosives detector C04 (Biruch)

Safety cover;

Battery units;

External charger for Li-Ion batteries 12,6 V, 5 A;

Power cord;

Source of  TNT vapor imitator;

Evaporation chamber of piezo desorber;

Removable filter grids - 3pcs.;

Filter grid replacing key;

Spare heating lamp;

User manual;

Device passport;

Packing case for storage and transportation.


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