Series Non-linear Junction Detectors Cayman

These professional detectors are designed for search and detection of hidden electronic devices, mobile phones and SIM cards, checking of mail and packages for contraband or forbidden objects containing semiconductors as well inspection of people, whether the electronic target is radiating, hard wired, or even turned off.

Main distinctive feature of non-linear junction detectors CAYMAN is multifrequency irradiation mode, which provides wide range of advantages:


- increased selectivity (ability to distinguish electronic components with background of metal-oxide-metal structure);

- increased probability of detection electronic devices behind partially shielded surfaces (such as the grid "netting");

- optimal ratio of radiation power and detection range;

- ability to identify detected objects in Audio mode;

- high detection sensitivity at a low output power;

- ability for effective operation in complicated interference environment (reinforced structures, corrosion, etc.).