Height 45 mm
Width 65 mm
Thickness 125 mm
Weight 0.25 kg
Case Metal
Power supply 13
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KATRAN-SM - wearable thermal imaging camera

KATRAN-SM portable thermal imaging camera is intended to observe objects or protected areas at any time of the day under bad weather conditions, as well as to tackle anti-terrorist and special tasks, conduct patrol works, search and rescue operations, including during natural disasters, while operating in moderate climate conditions both outdoors and indoors.

Technical Characteristics (features):


Characteristics of the receiver thermal radiation

Radiation receiver type

 aSi uncooled microbalometer

Number of sensitive detector elements (matrix)

 384x288 pixels   

Minimum discernible temperature difference (temperature sensitivity)


Operating spectral range

   8 – 14 mkm

Time to start operating mode after powering the device, up to

   5 s


Viewing angle


Focusing range

   0.5 m... ?

Range of operation

Maximum detection range of human/car, at least

   220/680 m

Maximum recognition range of human/ car, at least

   70/220 m


Eyepiece and built-in microdisplay

Color microdisplay:   
- type  
- resolution

   800х600 pix.

Special  functions and adjustments:

- switching between thermal image display modes: hot-white (positive), hot-black (negative);

- digital zoom x1, x2, x4;

- indication of battery charge level;

- brightness adjustment;

- automatic shutdown of the device during battery discharge.

Power Supply

Self-contained supply:   
- 2 battery, of  type 


Time of continuous operation under normal climatic conditions from one set of new batteries, at least

   4 h

Physical characteristics

Weight of the device with batteries

   0,25 kg


125x65x45 mm

Operation conditions

Operating temperature range


Relative humidity at a temperature of 25°C



Design and Operation:

The main components of the device and the control layout are shown in Figure 1.



Figure 1

There are 4 functional buttons (see Figure 2) to control parameters and operation modes of the device.


Figure 2

Turn on/off the device by pressing the Power button.

Press the Zoom button to change the picture scale (x1; x2; x4).

Press the Inversion button to change Positive Mode to Negative Mode and vice versa.

Press the Brightness button to increase or decrease the brightness level.

The front panel of the device has lens and battery compartment with a screw cap. Monitoring is carried out through the eyepiece with a rubber eyecup.

The black case of the device (matte protective) is made of light-alloy metal.

In the lower part of the case there is a seat for fastening the mounting device (Dovetail), which provides fixation of the device on the headband.

Height 45 mm
Width 65 mm
Thickness 125 mm
Weight 0.25 kg
Case Metal
Power supply 13
Battery life at least 4 hours

Delivery set:



KATRAN-SM portable thermal imaging camera


CR123A batteries


Field cover*


Pencil for cleaning optical lenses and coatings *


Headband *


Cloth for cleaning optics


Operation Manual


Data Sheet


Standard transporting package


Note: The positions marked * are supplied optionally.


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