Height 200 mm
Width 350 mm
Thickness 80 mm
Weight 350 g
Case Plastic
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Gerad-5 Ultra Wideband GPR-Detector is designed to locate people in various premises behind walls and optically opaque barriers while conducting counter-terrorism and special operations, as well as during search and rescue operations to rescue people under rubble during natural disasters or located in smoke-filled rooms during fires.

Gerad-5 GPR-Detector is used by the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia to detect unauthorized presence and movement of people in the premises under control.

The tactics of using the detector involves two operational options:

• stationary with locating the detector on a tripod installed by the barrier;

• operative with holding the detector pressed to the wall with hands.


Main technical characteristics:

Detection of human motion

Behind brick wall, thickness

0,4 m

Behind concrete wall, thickness

0,2 m

Behind stonework wall, wood thickness

0,4 m

At a distance of people from the wall, up to

10-37,5 m *

With a radar distance to the wall, up to

10-37,5 m *

Viewing angles

In azimuth


In elevation



In azimuth


Operation range, at least

±0,3 m

Time to detect

Human after his appearance in the field of view

3 sec

Motionless human

10 sec


Operating frequency

3,5 GHz

Average signal power

4 mW

Motion sensitivity

±0,5 sm

Operating temperature range

-20°С ... +40°С

Preparation time, up to

5 min

Continuous operation time, at least

4 hours

Soil surface survey depth, up to

1 m

Dimensions of the detector

350х200х80 mm

Weight, up to

350 g


*upon request

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the detector is that the transmitting active phased array antenna emits a short radio pulse to a given viewing sector. The pulse is reflected from the objects encountered on the signal path and is received by the receiving active phased array antenna. The received signal is amplified and detected by a phase detector.

If the object moves, the frequency of the signal reflected from this object changes to the Doppler frequency, and an alternating voltage with the Doppler frequency appears at the output of the phase detector. The voltage is converted into digital form, averaged over a certain period of time; the spectrum of the signal is calculated; the spectral components corresponding to the movement are marked. Their value is compared to the set detection threshold and there is a mark in the given viewing sector on the range corresponding to lag time of the reflected pulse, the color intensity of which is proportional to the amplitude of the spectral component. The spectrum of the signal is calculated according to the data obtained within 1.5 seconds and corresponds to the signals reflected from moving people in the frequency range of 1-8 Hz.

In addition, according to the data obtained, within 12 seconds the spectrum of the signal is detected in the frequency range of 0.1-0.5 Hz, which corresponds to a change in the frequency of the signal reflected from human chest during breathing.

Height 200 mm
Width 350 mm
Thickness 80 mm
Weight 350 g
Case Plastic
Operation time at least 4 hours

Delivery set:

1. protective case;

2. radio electronic unit;

3. tablet with the Gerad-5 program;

4. MW72LP15battery charger for electronic unit;

5. DSA-15P-05 tablet charger;

6. USB cable;

7. operating instructions.

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