Height 165mm
Width 106mm
Thickness 43mm
Weight 64g
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The CORDON-4  is a broadband radio receiver intended for searching and locating low power sources of electromagnetic radiation in wide frequency range.

The analyzer allows not only detect radiation of secretly installed radio transmitter in the premises given, but also measure its signal frequency and assess power of electromagnetic radiation at the receiving end.

The CORDON-4  has three operating modes: field indicator mode, spectrum analyzer mode and identifiers mode. Field indicator mode is intended for identifying and locating low-power sources of electromagnetic radiation. Spectrum analyzer mode is intended for analyzing spectrum of detected signals. Identifiers mode is used to detect and identify wireless devices operating in 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth standards.


The CORDON-4  makes it possible to identify devices of WiFi (2.4 GHz) and Bluetooth standards, while the operation of the devices of the remaining wireless communication standards can be observed in the corresponding frequency bands using built-in spectrum analyzer.

Operating frequency range, MHz (divided into two sub bands)

Sub band RF, MHz

Sub band MW, MHz


0,1 ÷ 920

300 ÷ 12000

Dynamic range, dB, at least:

- 0,1÷920 MHz

- 300 ÷12000 MHz





Input sensitivity, mV, at least:

- 0,1÷920 MHz

- 920 ÷ 10000 MHz

- 10000 ÷12000 MH





  Built-in attenuator, dB: 0; 10; 20; 30
  Supply voltage from rechargeable battery, V   7,2 – 8,4
  Current consumption, W   8, up to
  Dimensions without antenna, mm 165х106х43
  Weight of the main block without antennas, kg        0,64
  Operating temperature range, оС   + 5 ÷ + 40

Height 165mm
Width 106mm
Thickness 43mm
Weight 64g
Battery charging time 3,5 hours

Delivery set:

Cordon-4 field analyzer;

Whip antenna of the range 0,1 ÷ 920 MHz;

Whip antenna of the range 300 ÷ 12000 MHz;

Directional antenna of the range 75÷1000 MHz*;

Directional antenna of the range 1000 ÷ 12000 MHz*;



Operation Manual;


Transport package.

* - The range of directional antennas can be changed upon customer's request.

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